Department of Architecture and Urban Planning

About the project

Arh.ns is a website and internet home for the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning (Faculty of Technical Sciences) located in Novi Sad, Serbia.

When ARHNS came to me asking for reconstruction of their old site, the first thing that caught my eye was the problem they had with mixed and confusing content. They were in need of a ground up rebuild, meaning nicely laid up, organized, clean, and an easy to understand site for students and even easier to use for faculty personnel.

I was hired to make the whole Information Architecture reconstruction, User Experience scenarios, User Interface, Visual Branding and Design, front end coding and worked closely with developers on moving content from Joomla to Wordpress. Here follows the end result of the process:

The first order of business was to make it easy for students to go about finding what they needed on the website. I introduced post filters with short, easy to remember names and distinct colors and realtime filtration system.

It is common knowledge that any school is as good as the people teaching in it. The old website didn’t even have any list of professors, so I decided to give them the attention they deserved and make a page for every one of them with a photo and basic information (e.g. the class they are teaching, time and place for consultations, biography and listing of posts they have published on the portal). The idea was for professors to have some type of online archive and for students to use these profile pages as a fast way of getting the latest information from every single professor.

predrag jovanovic portrait

I am currently free to start working on new projects. Say hello if you are in need of professional assistance and we will take it from there.