Fight Club NS

Kick Boxing Club

About the project

Fight CLub NS is a rather small local Kick Boxing club working hard at getting trophies, and they are pretty good at it.

Fight CLub NS has good fighters, many tournaments, and a world cup winning trainer who is also the founder of the club. Srdjan came to me in need of a good web presentation and a place where he could share stories from the club happenings, but also a place where he could promote his fighters as individuals.

In the first phase of the project we worked on the organization of the content, design, graphic details and transforming all of the above into HTML/CSS, while the second phase consisted of integration of the aforementioned on CMS that would be the best the fit for it.

predrag jovanovic portrait

I am currently free to start working on new projects. Say hello if you are in need of professional assistance and we will take it from there.