Nadji Sam

Accommodation Portal

About the project

Nadji sam is a web site for finding all types of accommodation, restaurants, places for night life in Serbia and neighboring countries. And it is a pet project of mine.

Nadji sam went through its second phase of reconstruction, and after running for a few years on textpattern, it is going to be moved to its own platform built on code igniter.

Age gap:

With version two we needed to make the site easy to use for young travelers and even easier for older people who want to post ads for their accommodation. age gap needed to be overcome so everybody could benefit from


As a key feature of the website, search needed to have some real power, and different color for different type of ads was the logical way to go. Ads are divided by their type of Geo location and with different color for every group. We made custom search work real time and with two levels of depth.

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I am currently free to start working on new projects. Say hello if you are in need of professional assistance and we will take it from there.